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Rails Rumble 2008 Apps

UPDATE: Voting Is Now Open! Click here >

I was going to be competing in the Rails Rumble 2008 competition but I just didn’t have time.

Anyway, below are apps from the rumble that I’ve come across (in no particular order). Btw, official voting will probably open Tuesday but leave comments here on which ones you like and why. It would be cool to get a good discussion going and use it as a learning experience.


  1. Food Ferret
  2. Pic My Diet
  3. Live Resto
  4. Foodistic
  5. Pranziamo
  6. Nutty Swede
  7. Want Nom
Projects, Tasks, Lists & To-Dos
  1. CouldYa
  2. My Idea Drawer
  3. GTD
  4. Just a F***in List
  5. Chores
  6. Laddernator
  7. Agile Tasks
  8. Bid Build Bill
  9. My Kids Party
  10. The Sandy Pickle
Entertainment / Leisure / Social
  1. Riverdex
  2. Hiked It
  3. Venture Capitalist
  4. Locatr – (use Safari)
  5. Comicly
  6. Ideas Ftw
  7. Assassin
  8. Pict Meme
  9. Finger
  10. uBetcha
  11. Azimuth
  12. Inspires Me
  14. Beercamp
  15. i heart games
  17. Flockup
  18. Sticky Board
  19. Quick Beam
  20. Love Loathe
  21. Pickup Game Loader
  22. Utopianistic
  23. Ur Safety Net
  24. Fish Rumble
  25. Tagueame
  26. Latte Art
  27. Twalala
Music / Video / Movies
  1. Remindr
  2. Sell Your Attention
  3. Mood Bird
  4. Forever Home
  5. Sound Folder
  6. Ostraka
  7. Rails66
  8. Giwiki
  9. Wurbe
  10. Prickt
  1. Story Seed
  2. Cite Now
  3. Track Class
  4. Reveal The Bias
  5. Likis
  6. Share Your Stuff
  7. Quotagious
  8. Petticoat (Live Twitter & YouTube Search)


  1. Run 1 Mile
  2. Sheep Fit
  3. Run. Track. Run.
Web / Programming


I haven’t been working on this project daily as I initially suspected but I’m making progress.

In my first post, Kalpesh Khivasara pointed me to They let you read books via RSS. And they’ve implemented things really well as far as I can see. And I had to deal with a big issue… what do you do when a competitor has already built something you’re starting to build? At first, I was ready to concede the problem to them. I had two other problems I could be solving. I slept on the decision and thought about the problem I wanted to solve and tried to get more specific with how I wanted to solve it.

The DailyLit approach is to sell/consume books via email & RSS and that is great. I hope more books do eventually become available on DailyLit. It would help more people start using RSS.

My approach is to let people create/consume courses via email & RSS. The difference is that I will allow normal experts to put together courses very quickly and these courses content would not be found in books. The implication of this is that my revenue strategy is very different than DailyLit. My main revenue source will be users who want to create content and either charge for their courses or want special features for their account such as private content. Here are users I’m creating the app for:

  • Companies how have their processes inside word documents, They could use this system as their LSM by creating private content for their employees only. If every task in a company is well documented, the company becomes more valuable to buyers as it won’t require the owners knowledge to make it run.
  • Consultants who want to create a passive income stream or passive lead generation method. They could use the system to sell/give-away useful courses to generate revenue/leads.
  • Students who want to share/sell what they learned in their courses so they can review their knowledge at a latter point in time and help others as well.

I personally fall in all three cases. And all three scenarios are not addressed by DailyLit and represents a focus that is different than DailyLit. With this in mind, I decided to continue on the same path.

My current progress can be seen at and I’ve posted some screenshots of how I see it looking in the near future. I hope to have a usable version by today or tomorrow.