Any Tips for a Sales Website for SaaS Product?

I’ve got BrainBank almost ready to show to the world (private beta) and I’m working on the sales website for it. For people with experience selling/marketing business software, any tips?

3 responses to “Any Tips for a Sales Website for SaaS Product?

  1. * Promote the hell out of your FREE account plan.
    * If you don’t charge for 30 days after an account sign up make that clear on the sign-up page. NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED, etc…
    * Simply state why people would want to use your offering.
    * Simply state why your product is better than the others in your space, without mentioning them.
    * Have a product walkthrough so you minimize email contact from people wanting you to “sell” them on your service.
    * Have terms of service / privacy policy available. Ensure they’re agreed to before allowing a sign-up.

  2. Thanks Seth. Great tips!

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