Rails Rumble 2008 Apps

UPDATE: Voting Is Now Open! Click here >

I was going to be competing in the Rails Rumble 2008 competition but I just didn’t have time.

Anyway, below are apps from the rumble that I’ve come across (in no particular order). Btw, official voting will probably open Tuesday but leave comments here on which ones you like and why. It would be cool to get a good discussion going and use it as a learning experience.


  1. Food Ferret
  2. Pic My Diet
  3. Live Resto
  4. Foodistic
  5. Pranziamo
  6. Nutty Swede
  7. Want Nom
Projects, Tasks, Lists & To-Dos
  1. CouldYa
  2. My Idea Drawer
  3. GTD
  4. Just a F***in List
  5. Chores
  6. Laddernator
  7. Agile Tasks
  8. Bid Build Bill
  9. My Kids Party
  10. The Sandy Pickle
Entertainment / Leisure / Social
  1. Riverdex
  2. Hiked It
  3. Venture Capitalist
  4. Locatr – (use Safari)
  5. Comicly
  6. Ideas Ftw
  7. Assassin
  8. Pict Meme
  9. Finger
  10. uBetcha
  11. Azimuth
  12. Inspires Me
  13. MeetinBetween.us
  14. Beercamp
  15. i heart games
  16. goodbad.me
  17. Flockup
  18. Sticky Board
  19. Quick Beam
  20. Love Loathe
  21. Pickup Game Loader
  22. Utopianistic
  23. Ur Safety Net
  24. Fish Rumble
  25. Tagueame
  26. Latte Art
  27. Twalala
Music / Video / Movies
  1. Remindr
  2. Sell Your Attention
  3. Mood Bird
  4. Forever Home
  5. Sound Folder
  6. Ostraka
  7. Rails66
  8. Giwiki
  9. Wurbe
  10. Prickt
  1. Story Seed
  2. Cite Now
  3. Track Class
  4. Reveal The Bias
  5. Likis
  6. Share Your Stuff
  7. Quotagious
  8. Petticoat (Live Twitter & YouTube Search)


  1. Run 1 Mile
  2. Sheep Fit
  3. Run. Track. Run.
Web / Programming

88 responses to “Rails Rumble 2008 Apps

  1. Here’s another rails rumble entry from us:

  2. Here’s my entry for family planning of chores


  3. Oops, that should be http://chores.r08.railsrumble.com/ without the “charts” at the end

  4. Please don’t forget http://laddernator.com 🙂

  5. Looks great guys. Where are you designers posting your contact info?

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  7. It’d be nice if you could post http://shareyourstuff.r08.railsrumble.com under educational. I’ll be moving over the database for the main page/etc to be correct after I get some sleep, but it’s definitely an educational app.

  8. Hey – our rails rumble 08 entry is http://soundfolder.com

  9. http://bootleggers.r08.railsrumble.com — Live, rolling feeds of data from Twitter and YouTube. You can make your own channels or watch others. A bit like election.twitter.com … except you make your own channels … and it’s not just Twitter.

  10. http://tightwad.r08.railsrumble.com/ – Budgeting and spending tracking. You can schedule recurring or one-time budgets. Payments can be posted by text message, and you’ll get a response with your balance right away.

  11. Dense is a simple slideshop app that works fully inside a browser. Please do check it out http://dense.r08.railsrumble.com/

  12. Here is our site for keeping track of IOUs

  13. Ok: http://www.feedmatcher.com/

    We had one last-second glitch that got frozen at the deadline (see if you can find it :-/). But otherwise, cool. You can upload your feed list, or not; regardless you get a weighted multi-tag search for feeds of interest. We wrote it and I’ve already found a few feeds I didn’t know about.


  14. Yeah my site is first on the list… *dances*

  15. Well, there is also another application worth mentioning, yet i don’t know if its on Ruby…can someone check it out for me? ( i am not a coder) Here’s the app: http://www.quotag.com

  16. I like Famundo

  17. Wow, i just realized that no 7 on Education list – quotagicious is a terrible copy of the app i just posted above. What a shame!

  18. I felt in love with http://goodbad.me – I registered with twitter because of this site!

  19. Hey,

    our application is http://locatr.eu – but please use safari to visit it, it has a nasty FF bug.

  20. Hi Melvin. Great list, thanks for compiling.

    My app is Bid Build Bill. A business related app for project management, time reporting, invoicing and built in chat rooms.


    – Scott

  21. Hi,

    here’s our shot:


    Tagueame is a little experiment about socializing online opinions about your friends and family.

  22. great list…

    please turn off the automatic wordpress ‘snap’ preview (in the WP settings somewhere) so i can use the links!

  23. http://whatdoesthiserrormean.com/ is my team’s entry – web / programming.

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  25. Hey, don’t miss our happy little app for sharing Latte Art from your favorite coffee shop: http://ir.r08.railsrumble.com/

    You can even email the app at submit.latte.art@gmail.com with a picture, a title, and description (with tags like @location-name or #event-name) and it will automatically get uploaded and tagged!

    Nice little fun app.

  26. RDocker

    Hi. This is our two-day rails rumble attempt to make rdoc browsing of favorite ruby projects less painful.
    Currently we support gems form both rubyforge and github and public SVN/GIT repositories.
    We’re going to publish RDocker sources after some additional polishing, so you’ll be able to use it locally.

  27. Here’s my entry for Rails Rumble 2008. Please add



  28. The official list will be online at the RR08 site shortly (once voting opens). Teams have 24 additional hours to update their profiles.

    In the meantime, if you’re interested in the Rumble and these apps, please sign up to vote! http://railsrumble.com

  29. Very impressed with the entries this year. Here is my team’s entry:


  30. Thought I’d chime in with our app as well. http://twalala.com It’s a Twitter client with a mute button.

    Thanks. And thanks for compiling/categorizing this list!

  31. An my app:

    Help parents plan/manage their kids parties

  32. Thanks for puttings this together.

    Our app is here:

    Compost: http://blenderbox.r08.railsrumble.com/

    You could file it under business – thanks!

  33. I was really thinking of our app (CouldYa) as more in the Projects/Tasks section than the Entertainment/Leisure/Social, even though it will eventually have more social features. It is primarily for getting real-world stuff done.

  34. pictmeme

    Email some pictures to album@pictmeme.com and you’ll get a reply with a link to your private gallery.

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  36. Here’s ours, a film festival & film database:


    It’s called muviluv.

  37. Do not forget us : http://sociallibrary.r08.railsrumble.com

    AND it’s NOT another social library; but a kick-ass phpMyAdmin substitute!

    Sure you’re gonna to appreciate it!

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  39. http://diedebtdie.r08.railsrumble.com “Back In Black” debt elimination app

  40. don’t forget us as well!


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  42. I sure am FoodFerret. Well, part of it anyway

  43. Our team did a Monopoly-like game called Venture Capitalist – http://venturecapitalist.r08.railsrumble.com/

  44. Add us to your list. http://myconfapp.com.
    We offer social conference management.

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  47. Free wedding seating charts online. Share with your friends and family via PDF, email etc.


  48. You mis-typed our app’s name. It’s “Pick-up Game Locator.”

  49. Track and share any debts between you and your friends with nDebted:


    Thanks for compiling this list!

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  51. Don’t forget to add Great Minds to the Entertainment list.

    We weren’t able to get it as nice as we envisioned, but give it a play.


  52. Hi,

    Just thought you’d want to know that your webpage is broken. All links on your page are infected with a pop-up virus. Whenever I hover over a link a super-annoying pop-up is displayed.
    I hear this is easy to fix so it shouldn’t be a problem.


  53. Jens,

    I just tested it in FireFox, Chrome & IE7 and none of these popped up any ads. The only thing that shows up when you hover over a link is a preview of the webpage you are about to visit. Is that’s what you’re referring to? If not, it could also be possible that your browser has a spyware that is adding the links & popups to random webpages as you visit them.

  54. I am indeed refering to the spot.com page previews. It might be just me but I find them super annoying.

    Anyho, have fun and enjoy life.

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  65. This looked like a neat contest – I wish I would have caught it 4 years ago!

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