Mistakes: The Price Of Progress

For the last month, I’ve been in a state of “paralysis by analysis.” And today, I’ve had a remarkable realization: I am going to make mistakes. Obvious? Yes. Obvious to me? Nop.

See for the last month or so, I’ve been digging into training material of all sorts. Numerous screencasts, articles, videos, etc.  I think what I was looking for was something that be a step by step guide to build a superb web application.  Particularly interesting is that I didn’t tell myself this. I told myself I wanted to make my app very RESTful and DRY and a bunch of other bull shit. I wanted to follow all these ideals and best practices of web development. But if I keep on “learning” instead of getting down to “doing” aka coding, BrainBank will remain a pipe-dream project.

So I publicly accknowledge that I will screw up in BrainBank (aka I’ll pull a Twitter). BrainBank won’t be the finest lines of code that have ever been typed. It will probably contain many unRESTful things. It probably won’t be poetry-ish when read by other developers. And I accept that I will fix it… or I’ll hire someone to fix them once BrainBank starts making money.

Mistake is the price of progress. Make more. Make em fast. Move on.

Ever had paralysis by analysis? Leave a comment 😀

Other stuff that I was going to include but seemed irrelevant/uninteresting
My original goal of launching a new SaaS product in 48 hrs has come and gone. In some ways, it was a success.

I rocketed forward, created a web app and got it LIVE in less than 48 hrs… but it was hardly a real business. Infact, in the spirit of boosting forward at jet speed, I ended up building something that was different than my original vision. That was mistake 1.

Mistake 2 was getting others excited about the product (or at least the original vision of the product) before I had something real… before even I had used it. Basically, I wasted some of that excitement. It’s rude to go sell someone a product (or the concept of a product) and tell them I’ll call ya as soon as it’s ready. You get them all excited just to let them down.

Post-launch, as I sat there looking at my creation, it was obvious that it didn’t fit the bill of my original vision in many ways. So I decided to start fresh. This is when the paralysis start.

PS: the original version is down. I’m using the server for development at this time.


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