Day 1: Action Plan

The problem I have decided to focus on is Bite-Size Chemistry Lesson in my RSS Reader because it’s the one that I will need to use almost daily for the next 3 to 5 years in my quest to becoming a medical doctor. It also has good commercial applications and was also most recommended in the feedback I’ve received on my blog, friends and business mentors.

Today is Wednesday, day 1 of my 12 day experiment.

Quiet a few successful people preach the “ready, fire, aim” approach… where you jump in asap to get a feel for unknowns quickly. I don’t work that way most of the time. I need to figure out what I’m going to before I do it… at least at a general level. So that is where I started today.

My plan of action

In my BaseCamp account, I created a new project called Mini Lessons, in which I created a few to-do lists:

  • Technical Ingredients for 1.0 – technical know-how that I need to learn such as how to send emails from inside a Ruby on Rails app
  • Learner Feature Set for 1.0 – limited to 2 features right now (subscribing via email or rss to a course)
  • System & Admin Feature Set for 1.0 – the underlying fundementals that need to be in place for a working site, such as subscription billing, user accounts, etc
  • Author Feature Set for 1.0 – Limited to 1 feature (WYSIWIG for entering text & pictures and embedding videos & slides.)
  • Decisions to make for 1.0 – such as App name, whether to pay for SaaS Rails Kit or write code myself, etc
  • Future Features for Authors – list of features I won’t be building right now (to keep myself disciplined and focused)
  • Future Features for Learners – same as above

A Confession…

After I realized that not knowing how to process CSV data files (similar to Excel file but with no formatting) was going to be a limiting factor in my decisions (this one and maybe future decisions), I got an undying itch to conquer this terrain. I spent about 3 hours doing that today and with the help of the awesome Ruby on Rails community, I was able to kick some CSV ass. I’m counting the 3 hrs as play-time and so it won’t count against my 48 hours. 😛


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